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  • Stefano Solimito

    Stefano Solimito

    Principal data engineer @ Photobox

  • Brad Nguyen

    Brad Nguyen

    Machine Learning. Startups. Data consultancy at ThoughtWorks. Currently renovating our 1950 home and planting fruit trees.

  • George Pongracz

    George Pongracz

    Not affiliated with any vendor nor influenced by any commercial relationships, I write about what I develop and live with in production as an AWS Data Engineer.

  • Harmeet Sokhi

    Harmeet Sokhi

    Data,ML and Tech

  • Pete Soderling

    Pete Soderling

    engineer, biz hacker, geek, investor. founder of Data Council & Data Community Fund. I help engineers start companies.

  • Drew Jarrett

    Drew Jarrett

    Working @Google across SYD & LDN. Developer. Innovative. Problem solver. Passion for making a difference through what I do. Proud Dad of two amazing girls.

  • David Colls

    David Colls

    Works & plays with data

  • Neil Avery

    Neil Avery

    @Liquidlabs, ex Confluent, CTO-Excelian, Thoughtworks. Founder Logscape, Startups, code-monkey, songwriter tennis-nut, snowboarding-nut, and Dad!

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