It’s really exciting to have a new option for streaming Oracle data into Kafka. With Confluent releasing their “Oracle CDC Source Premium Connector” there’s a new way to capture data that has been added to, updated, or deleted from Oracle RDBMS with Change Data Capture (CDC). Think of this as a low touch way to stream both the Oracle data and schema changes into Kafka and Schema Registry.

I put together some examples so you can play with this entire pipeline in Docker. Docker is an easy-way to run a an end to end pipeline on your machine. …

If you read 1 Cat, 3 Clouds — Where is Snowy sleeping (Part 1) you’ll know I’m trying to build a real-time location tracker for my cat.

Following on from that initial blog (which described the hardware and networking), this “Part 2” article describes data processing with Amazon Web Services. I’ll be using native AWS services for data ingest, data processing and mapping visualisation to build a low cost pet tracking device to show Snowy’s location in real-time. Later articles will cover similar approaches in both Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud.

AWS IoT, DynamoDB and SageMaker

Today I’m describing my data build in AWS, however…

Our cat Snowy is an outdoor cat — but we are beginning to wonder where she travels once she’s left the house. Let me share how I built a low cost pet tracking device to show Snowy’s location in real-time.

Plus, what’s it like to build the same IoT data project in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud in 2021? This is article 1 in a 4 part series. This first blog post describes the project and details hardware and networking components. The next three articles describe the experience of building the data pipelines with each major cloud.

Where is Snowy?

You may already…

Landing gear down and strobe lights active. How to add physical buttons, switches and dials to control computer actions with a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero.

Why would you want to do this? Well you might want to add some additional buttons or switches to your favorite game. Or maybe you can streamline your video production but switching cameras with a foot pedal. For me, I wanted to add tactile controls to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Switches for the landing gear, beacons and lights.

Project code at —

Animated GIF showing box in usage

In short, Pi Peripheral can be used to control close to any…

Monitor good posture — with machine learning. Ensure proper office ergonomics with TensorFlow, a webcam and OpenCV Python real-time computer vision libraries. Code available at

Real-time posture monitoring — as demonstrated with a teddy bear

If you sit behind a desk for hours at a time, you’re possibly going to slump. This may result in neck and back pain. This can be avoided by teaching a machine to recognise “good” posture from “bad” posture. To encourage better posture, instant feedback with a quick sound every-time poor office ergonomics are observed. Model training and monitoring is handled locally on device.

Live Posture Classification — How does this work?

Machine learning packages available for Python 3

Cocktails based on your mood created by a Raspberry Pi bartender. Drinks are selected based on your emotion and multilingual voice prompts let you know when your drink is available.

Cocktails based on your mood created by a Raspberry Pi bartender

How to build a fully automated home build cocktail maker. Code available at🍸


I used 4 peristaltic pumps to provide a “food safe” way to pump the liquids from the drink bottles. These pumps provide a steady rate of flow of liquids when powered. …

Kafka serialisation schemes — playing with AVRO, Protobuf, JSON Schema in Confluent Streaming Platform. The code for these examples available at

Apache Avro was has been the default Kafka serialisation mechanism for a long time. Confluent just updated their Kafka streaming platform with additional support for serialising data with Protocol buffers (or protobuf) and JSON Schema serialisation.

Kafka with AVRO vs., Kafka with Protobuf vs., Kafka with JSON Schema

Protobuf is especially cool, and offers up some neat opportunities beyond what was possible in Avro. The inclusion of Protobuf and JSON Schema applies at producer and consumer libraries, schema registry, Kafka connect, ksqlDB along with Control Center. …

Sorting socks with a streaming solution? Pair socks with ksqlDB, Kafka and Kafka Connect.

Socks — sorted!

ksqlDB is a pretty cool event streaming platform. A few commands allow you to build a detailed real-time stream processing application. Capture, transform and perform continuous transformations on Kafka with a simplified SQL dialect. In addition, ksqlDB allows you to capture events from an external system using Kafka connect.

In my previous blog classifying socks with deep learning I described deploying an object recognition model on AWS DeepLens hardware for identifying socks. …

Can I arrange my sock drawer using machine learning? An adventure in pairing my socks using transfer learning to build a custom sock image classification model. A small project to train and deploy an object recognition model on AWS DeepLens hardware for identifying my socks.

Sock classification madness to neatly paired

The Idea

I have a crazy idea that I can pair my mismatched socks with machine learning. That is, building an image recognition model on the socks I have sitting in my sock drawer. With sufficient training data I should be able to tech a machine to classify a sock, and determine when I have a pair…

Get data into and out of Kafka with ease using ksqlDB ... without sharing your passwords

Kafka Connect is a scalable, flexible framework for streaming data between Apache Kafka and other data systems. Got data in a database table and want to stream it into Kafka? No problem, a simple bit of configuration and a JDBC driver will get you going.

What’s even better is this Kafka Connect configuration can be setup and managed with ksqlDB with Confluent Platform 5.4 onward. …

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